Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bajaj Pulsar 300cc Dts fi pictures and Technical specifications

Friends unfortunately there is no such thing as Bajaj Pulsar 300cc Dts fi. Its a Hoax and i haven't yet got any confirmation on any of the official websites or any news source. This is just a piece or art some one came up with using their photoshop skills.

Update:- No updates on Pulsar 300cc even in the Auto Expo, but good news is
Kawasaki superbikes to be available in India including Ninja 250R.

Pictures of Bajaj Pulsar 300 cc Dts fi:-
Its been about more than 6 to 7 months when i first received the picture of Bajaj Pulsar 300cc Dtsi in mail and apparently the bike was also available in 4 to 5 different colors. Now how difficult is that? And since then almost a million times i have seen it on blogs, forums and mail forwards from my friends, who were thrilled to share this breaking news with me. It was made clear on quite a few instances by the Bajaj officials that the 300+ cc segment would be built on a new platform altogether and wont be based on the Pulsar. I believe Bajaj will source some tech from Kawasaki for the high end engines or even KTM for that matter. But we will have to wait for that.
Here is the picture of Honda CB 600F Hornet (If you are thinking about the silencer being on the wrong side, sorry folks i flipped the original image to prove the point. The silencer is indeed on the right side.)

Technical specifications of Bajaj Pulsar 300cc Dts fi:-

P200 fuel tank and body.
P200 Dtsi
Honda Hornet Black Alloys with Discs at both rear and front.
Honda Hornet
Inverted shocks at the front and Monoshock at the rear. Honda Hornet
Available colors:-
Red, blue, silver, golden, red, black (all possible Photshop colors)
Launch Date of Bajaj pulsar 300 cc Dtsi:- Never (Definitely not for the one in the picture above)

What is DTS-i ,DTS-Si and DTS-Fi?
Tvs 180 cc & 200 cc with ABS expected soon.
Kawasaki superbikes to be available in India

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